Assorted Concepts
 Weapon Concepts + Archive Descriptions
 Assorted UI Assets
 Assorted Promotional/Effect/Misc Assets
Assorted 3D Assets
Assorted Animations
Unfortunately, I don’t have a fantastic way to show off my animations without making a time-consuming reel. Instead, you can step into my shoes and view them how I did during development: Through the in-house animation viewer! What fun!
Please click here to download a .rar of all characters and props I was responsible for animating. Once downloaded, drag the .js files into our online animation viewer here (you’ll need to completely extract them first, not just drag them from the extraction viewer). A couple pointers when using the animation viewer:
  • Select the current animation via the “Active Animation” dropdown menu on the left. You can also configure play and blend speed, along with animation step through.
  • Click the “Debug” button to disable/enable bone visibility.
  • Tweak the colors of the directional/ambient lighting to make the model more discernible.
  • No textures are included, as I was not responsible for most of the textures in the included files. Models I was completely responsible for (model, texture, everything) can be found in the “Assorted 3D Assets” album above.”
  • I am not responsible for the walk, run, and roll animations for the malePlayer model. Those are done by the talented Jeremy Gallardo.


Realm X Enemies
Note that not all enemies here are animated, as Spine (the software I’m using) has difficulty exporting short animation cycles. Thus, only enemies with lengthier cycles have gifs (and even they’re a little bit choppy)
Realm X Props and Decals


Blood Feud


Wire Labs Emoticons/Stickers
A series of emoticons and stickers I did for “Talio,” a messaging app for iPhone and Android. Most are of the app mascot, a cartoon platypus.